Borderline Offensive

Laughing in the Face of Fear 2017–2020
Borderline Offensive is a transnational partnership about art, humor and intercultural dialogue.

We feel that real interaction and equality between people is not possible without sharing the absurdities and obscenities of life that make us laugh (together).

We use art and humor to broker dialogue between locals and outsiders about sad or difficult stuff and hope to make daily life in Europe (and outside of it) more peaceful.
2017–2020 Laughing so we don't cry ;P

2017 Building community and publish the Borderline Offensive Manifesto.

2018 Organise transnational artistic residencies with artists from Europe and the Middle East, including artistic workshops for locals and migrants.

2019 Making international touring of artworks art projects and artistic workshops for locals and migrants.

2020 Continue with capacity-building workshops and dissemination/advocacy on how to keep laughing in the face of fear, injustice, and evil.
Happening NOW