Borderline Offensive Festival

15–17 June 2020
16–18 November 2020
24–26 May 2021 in Göteborg, Sweden
Three days of dialogue, exchange and co-creation about humor, art, migration and intercultural dialogue – in an (un?)safe space.
All activities are available digitally and for free. Links to the different activities will be sent to registered participants.
Borderline Offensive Festival is a transnational community gathering for creators, academics, cultural producers and citizens wanting to explore how art and humour can contribute to better lives in society in Europe and beyond.
We are asking ourselves:
Museum of Real History at Röda Sten Konsthall, 2019
— How do humor and art promote dialogue and reflection about migration, fear, pain, identity and social crisis?

— How do arts & culture influence integration positively, and how does integration work diversify audiences and artistic discourse?

— How do populism, xenophobia, and global cultural conflict impact arts and culture, freedom of expression and mobility of creators?

Long Heavy Road fanzine, Belgrade, 2019
Meet and exchange ideas with guests from 12 other countries, including EXOTIC colleagues from Turkey, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria – no delays on getting a visa because of international travel restrictions! :D

Sounds fun?

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