The Borderline Offensive Tour started in 2019 and keeps going, insulting borders and taking the creative battle against fear across the world.

This Borderline Offensive portfolio is our leading grey propaganda piece. Read carefully!

Arsenal (a.k.a. Artistic Projects)

More about our artistic projects, the artists behind them, and how to programme them in your venue or festival.

Museum of Real History
2019, Ivana Satekova, Zoukak Theatre Group and Abduljabbar Alsuhili

Mixed media exhibition and lecture-performance presenting the ridiculous conspiracy theories by racists and populists as if they were the absolute truth. “An insult to society's collective intelligence", quoting the terrorist-refugee-artist curator and his accomplices (you included).

Paper Puppet Poetry
2019, SKART collective

A collective story-making experience for young audiences, to create and perform their own stories of migration by crafting paper puppets. DIY improvisation, done whenever and wherever, the experience can expand into animation documentary, self-publishing, artivism and stage magic ;)

The Long Heavy Road
2019, Darinka Pop-Mitic and Nalan Yırtmac

The laugh-out-loud, laugh-not-to-cry, ironically-sad (or just sad) anecdotes from the road told by migrants, with migrants and for migrants. Through collectively-made low-fi street fanzines, stencil and alternative e-publishing, these stories are shared with the European readership in a publication continuing the great Western tradition of street newspapers. Each issue made by a different, ever-changing, editorial team.

Three Migrants in a Boat
(To Say Nothing of the Smuggler)
2019, Petko Dourmana

Video installation, role-playing, and investigative performance that paraphrases scenes from the comic classic “Three Men in a Boat" by Jerome K Jerome, but now concerning three migrants being smuggled across a border river in a pitch dark night. Only observable with night-vision devices used by border patrol guards.

Gaming in the Face of Fear
2020, Salam Al Hassan and Isaak Kraft van Ermel

Video game prototypes co-designed and co-created in an intercultural process. Single- and multiplayer, focusing on strategy, role-play, and social deduction, you will be asked to deconstruct stereotypes and make hard choices as an unaccompanied minor, a smuggler, or a European migrant fleeing to the Middle East.

How to use (Safety Instructions)

Please read this instructions before attempting to operate with any segments of the Borderline Offensive arsenal. Failure to do so, may result in an increased risk of personal trauma or loss of unneeded property, including through fire, electrical shock or fresh fruit. Borderline Offensive shall not be liable for damage caused where the weapon operator has failed to follow the instructions set out in this guide.

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