Artistic Residencies

Borderline Offensive hosted 5 transnational + transdisciplinary artistic residencies in 2018, across 5 European countries and hosting 19 artists from 9 countries, selected through an open call with more than 130 applicants from a total of 26 countries.

During the artistic residencies, participating artists explored together issues of intercultural conflict and dialogue, sociological contact zones, migration and integration, collective identity-building, and community cohesion in contemporary Europe – through the lens of humor and participatory art.

The programme of the artistic residencies included 1 participatory workshop for local migrants and natives and 1 artist talk or creative workshop for local audiences and artistic community, as well as time for group and individual work to create an original 'Borderline Offensive' artistic project.
4 original projects have been selected for production and touring across Europe and the Middle East in 2019/2020. You can know more about them and how to bring them to your venue/festival at Borderline Offensive's Portfolio.
Below, details and stories from each artistic residency and the artists that took part.

These were the selected artists and the artistic residencies they were part of.
Gergana Dimitrova, Bulgaria
Güneş Terkol, Turkey
Veera Suvalo Grimberg, Sweden

Peter Gonda, Slovakia
Petko Dourmana, Bulgaria
Salam Alhassan, Syria/Germany
Tim Laning, Netherlands

Darinka Pop-Mitić & Svebor Midžić, Serbia
Nalan Yırtmaç, Turkey
Linda Wardal, Sweden
Zen Roorda, Netherlands

Khaled Jarrar, Palestine
Peter Kočiš, Slovakia
ŠKART, Serbia
Sytze Schalk, Netherlands

Abduljabbar Alsuhili, Sweden/Yemen
Destructive Creation, Bulgaria
Ivana Šáteková, Slovakia
Omar Abi Azar, Lebanon