Paper Puppet Poetry

2019, ŠKART
Artistic workshop and performance

A DIY, instantaneous story-making experiment for children & young audiences, in which the participant's experience(s) of globalization and migration are re-created and transformed from the perspective of innocence, fantasy and child's play - putting native and migrant children in dialogue.

Weaving collective dramaturgy, animation, and performance into a co-creation process, the artist guides the audience to create original paper puppets and dolls, to shape their collective stories into short performative formats (poems, micro-scenes, stage-situations), and to then animate the stories with their own voice and movement.

These playful stage-game puppet performances are makeable in classrooms, streets, accomodation centres, camps and hospitals with little to no resources, but also allow taking over spaces of power – as a form of alternative education and direct action where collective production of images and stories creates and encourages collective distribution.

The work concludes with a public performance, including the recording of the stories in animation documentary and self-published booklets for physical and online distribution.
Belgrade, Serbia
ŠKART is an experimental art and design collective, founded in 1990 at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, and since then experimenting with international mixed-media art practice and alternative education experiments. Through the main concept of "architecture of human relationships" and in constant flux, the creative process of the collective embraces 'beautiful' mistakes and tirelessly strive to combine work with pleasure. ŠKART practices have been exhibited and workshopped in Europe, America and Asia.

"Paper Pupper Poetry" was incubated at the Borderline Offensive artistic residency in Košice, Slovakia in 2018, as part of Košice Artist in Residence's programme.
Targeted audience(s)
6+, appropriate for young and adult audiences, as well as general audiences;

Can be presented at schools, public and outdoors festivals, libraries and youth centres. Scalable from intimate groups to outdoor group work, and adaptable to majority of private and public spaces (easier set-up indoors).

Work is addressed to children from migrant or diaspora background, including minority communities, and might require interpretation or engagement of families and community representatives.
the DIY workshop is makeable wherever whenever however and based on improvisation;

only equipment needed is paper (white, recycled, etc.) paint (pencil, pen, marker, crayon, acrylic, spray, etc.), old cardboard, textile and/or recycled materials and sticks for set-building, and openness to experimentation.

Logistical needs are: video projector, microphones, sound system… and local technician/assistants.

The format is divided into several phases of story sharing/collection, collective dramaturgy, rehearsal, documentation and performance, for which video documentation and access to a print shop can be required.
The total final performance should not be longer than about 30–45 min (divided in 3–4 minutes long short vignettes).

A temporary puppet theatre is made out of the available materials (cardboard, plastic bags, tables) and the artist serves as the director of the performance, for which scenography is also created by the participating audience.
That’s expensive!
Borderline OffenSive:
Costs like accomodation, catering, materials, even travel are variable and depend on what local deals you can make. So in the end your local budget can be higher or lower – the values suggested are indicators, as long as all items are provided. Except for artist remuneration – you can offer more, but never less than the artist's themselves have defined as fair.
What do you greedy warmongers gain from all of this?
Borderline OffenSive:
The budget is calculated for #borderlineoffensive licensed, independent productions – in which you work directly with the artists without our mediation. It is only if you need help with production or project management that we talk about money for ourselves.

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