Sofia + Gabrovo + Plovdiv
1–14 July 2018
Theatre, Dance, Visual Arts

Humor, art & discovery: how can sneaky humor and love bombing through movement face us with serious questions and make us seek the answers?
Local Partners:
Caritas Bulgaria
Integration and Migration Centre in Sofia
Caritas Bulgaria is a Bulgarian non-profit organisation which does social work to support vulnerable people in society. For refugees, migrants and asylum seekers, the Caritas Centre for Integration of Refugees and Migrants operates in Sofia, providing psychological assistance, educational services, social consultations, humanitarian assistance, and practical assistance for housing and work. Caritas staff and volunteers also provide educational activities for the refugee in centres at the State Agency for Refugees.

Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria

The Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria is a non-profit organization established in March 2003 and formally registered as such by the Bulgarian government on 17 March 2003 (Registration №1221/2003). The mission of the Council of Refugee Women is to help refugees and asylum seekers in the process of their adaptation and integration into the Bulgarian society. We champion the right of choice of everyone to ensure a better future for themselves and their families despite sex, race, nationality, religious and ethnic belonging.

Multi-Kulti Collective

Multi Kulti Collective (MKC) has been working on community development, civic participation, solidarity, integration of migrants and refugees and human rights since 2011. The organization operates both on grass-root and policy level and develops its social enterprise. It is based in Sofia but in 2015 it grew to a social franchise in the 6 biggest Bulgarian cities. MKC has vast experience in campaigning, awareness-raising, using arts and culture for social change, training, research, monitoring, policy analysis, advocacy, working closely with policy makers, NGOs, researchers, migrants, refugees and youth.
A25 Cultural Foundation is a non-governmental organization created in 2011. It strives to initiate, support and take part in cultural and social events which present various viewpoints with respect and interest, promote intelligent and meaningful dialogue, and discover what is fresh and current behind clichés and stereotypes.