Gothenburg + Skarhamn
1–10 June 2018
Theatre, New Media, Guerilla Art

Humor, art & affiliation: how can humor and art help us amuse each other and build relationships?
Local Partners:
An inspiring meeting place for art, nature and people, an arena for art based on water, pigment and paper. The museum opened in the summer of 2000 and was designed by the Danish architects Niels Bruun and Henrik Corfitsen, and offers workshops for schools and businesses, lectures and conferences, as well as studios for artistic residencies.
Delta Ung Fri Tid is a meeting place and platform for children and young people, counting with 3 centers for Leisure and Cultural Activities, a Culture School and the Culture Pedagogue Group. At Deltapeople can learn different art and cultural expressions, run and carry out various projects, participate in different activities and workshops or just hang out and get to know new friends.